Extension, new construction and conversion measures, Wunstorf airfield

Project details

Period: Since 2012

Field of activity: Historical investigation of explosive ordnance contamination,

Technical construction management and local construction supervision for explosive ordnance disposal in accordance with the German Ordinance on Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Ordinance on Explosive Ordnance Disposal).

Construction guidelines for explosive ordnance disposal

Scope of services:

  • Creation of a historical-genetic reconstruction
  • Planning services
  • Preparation of clearance concepts, consulting services
  • Participation in construction meetings
  • Coordination/control of explosive ordnance clearance
  • Preparation of work/safety plans
  • Preparation of tender documents, assistance in awarding contracts
  • Cost/invoice control
  • Local construction supervision

Short description: With the planned stationing of the Airbus A 400 M transport aircraft at the Wunstorf military airfield in the area of responsibility of the State Construction Management of Lower Saxony, an adaptation of the infrastructure is necessary. To this end, extensive expansion, new construction and conversion measures have been carried out on the existing building and technical stock or are still being implemented. Due to its previous use in World War II as a Wehrmacht airbase, the site is classified as contaminated with explosive ordnance. History has shown that the area was hit in the course of bombing raids. The main cause is the burial of explosive ordnance. Therefore, explosive ordnance clearance is required for construction work involving ground intervention. Computer-aided area soundings, borehole soundings, explosive ordnance clearance during construction or at specific points and the use of a separation system are used. Since 2012, M&P has been responsible for the necessary technical construction management and local construction supervision of the explosive ordnance clearance.


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