Programme files

Here you can download the current programme version of PCGEOFIM. The packed file contains the simulator Geofim, the graphical frontend PCGeofim and several DLL files. The DLL files are necessary for the execution of the programmes PCGeofim and Geofim and must be located in the same folder as the programme files. The file Updateinformationen.pdf contains the programme enhancements and corrections since 2019, each with a short explanation. The ZIP archive also contains the file Readme.txt, which contains further information. To update, simply replace your previous application with the new programme version. As with any other update, it is advisable to make a backup of the programme files beforehand.
Programm Plattform Releasedatum, Version
64 bit
04.04.2024, Version 2024
64 bit
Setup files for PCGEOFIM (incl. sample projects)
32 bit
31.08.2022, version 2020
32+64 bit
Dongle driver (support for network dongle)
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