Our services in the area of "landfill

We plan your development of a contaminated site or landfill. Our services for the fulfilment of your project:
  • Professional planning
  • Application and official communication
  • Technical implementation of your project - from stability, hydraulic and environmental issues, to greening planning.
We would be happy to advise you.
  • Planning and construction supervision of built-over contaminated sites and landfills
  • In-house and external monitoring of landfill construction work

Planning and construction supervision

Our services in the field of landfill planning and construction supervision

  • Surface waterproofing planning
  • Planning services for the overbuilding of landfills and old deposits
  • Proof of stability
  • Quality management
  • Assessment of the environmental impact
  • Testing of geohydraulic site properties
  • Landfill gas measurements (pre- and aftercare)

EÜ and FÜ

Our services in the area of in-house and external monitoring

  • Self-testing of the mineral waterproofing components
  • External testing* of the mineral waterproofing components
  • Tests of the plastic element with cooperation partners

Your added value

Sealing and building over landfills and old deposits not only opens up new areas for development, but can also make a substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.


Landfill gas

Methane in particular is 25 - 30 times more harmful to the climate than CO2. By combining sealing with exhaust gas treatment, you can significantly reduce the emission of gases that are harmful to the climate.

We support you in this through:

  • Analysis and evaluation of landfill gases
  • Plant planning for the treatment of landfill gases (also variants for lean gas phase) with cooperation partners
  • Advice on sustainability from our sister company Go.Blue.Now (see following page)

Resource conservation

Use rehabilitated old landfills instead of "green meadows". Reduce land consumption in a sustainable way.

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